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Thanks for visiting my website!!  For those who know me, there needs no introduction…welcome and make yourself at home.  All newcomers and those who I have not had the pleasure of meeting, feel free to navigate my website to find out more about me.

My quick summary…I am part perfectionist, part analytical.  By day I work for Arizona State University, more specifically for the W.P. Carey School of Business as a Manager of Information Systems…I tell my children that I save the world (part of that is true, or so I like to think).  I have become a fitness fanatic over that last few months, so that consumes much of my time…not just at the gym, but preparing healthy meals and learning about health and fitness trends.

I am also an entrepreneur/freelancer.  What this means is I do side work (jobs) for clients centered around technology.  These jobs vary widely from simple home computer issues such as removing viruses or installing and configuring software, to network/system design and implementation of technologies such as server virtualization and enterprise storage management.

My website is still in the development phase.  As with most system architects, I am not the best at web design so please be patient.  I’m also taking volunteer web designers to assist if you feel like taking on this project.